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Enhancing Member Pictures

Posted Friday, May 28, 2010

Going into the weekend, we just released some new enhancements around the pictures that members upload. These enhancements fall into two distinct areas. The first area deals with providing you with more contextual information about the various pictures members upload. Whenever you view an enlarged view of a picture as shown below, you now have three new ways to interact with the photo in the form of hyperlinks. The first new hyperlink is for the member who took the photo; this link will take you to this member’s information page. The second link is related to the journal entry that the picture is related to. The final link is titled “I Like This Picture!” and allows you to quickly give a thumbs up for pictures that are appealing to you.

If you click the picture itself you will be taken to the picture detail page where you can enter comments about the picture, you will notice several new links here. The first link is for “Plant Type” and will take you to a special page dedicated to this type of plant. This link will not show in all cases, it will only appear for pictures that have been tied directly to a plant that has been reviewed by our staff. General pictures of a garden area that have not been tied to a plant will not show this link. The next new link is the “Member” link which will take you to the member information page for the person who uploaded the picture. There is also a “Garden Area” link which will take you to the Garden Area detail page that the picture is associated with. The last link/button, the “I Like This Picture!” button allows members, as mentioned above, to specify which pictures they like.

The final new feature around pictures relates to the “I Like This Picture!” links and buttons. Now on the home page we will show a top 20 listing of favorite pictures for the past month based upon the voting all the members do via these new buttons and links. As of tonight we only have a few pictures showing, but we fully expect this list to fill up quickly, so take a moment and look through your fellow members’ gardens and note all the pictures you like. Only one vote is counted per person and only pictures that have been uploaded in the past thirty days are eligible.

We hope you like these new features and we greatly appreciate the members (Dreemgirl and Mary) who suggested some of them. Comment back with any further suggestions, questions or issues you have. We hope you like the new features!

  1. dreemgirl

    I love this new feature! Been trying it out over the weekend and it's fantastic! I love the way you have linked the plants link, it's a great feature, especially if u have photo's on your journal as you can see all the photos in stages for that particular plant...Excellent! All the links are great and love the way you've adapted my photo of the month idea, this is brilliant. ThankYou x

  2. dreemgirl

    Just noticed something, when viewing the plant type and all the pics of that type come up (which is Fantastic!) is it possible that on the photo there is the date it was logged as looking at plants like this, it would be good to see the date, to know how long ago it was taken?

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